About RoSK

RoSK Brand Story


Rain or Shine Kids hit the "baby gear" scene in 2005 with the all weather WooBee, an innovative multi-purpose stroller blanket.

Created by Heather Correa to keep her daughters dry in the unpredictable Seattle weather, Rain or Shine Kids products quickly became a parenting essential with their functional, protective, and urban appeal.

In the Spring of 2010, Rain or Shine Kids decided to go by their commonly used nickname, RoSK, and incorporate the urban edge that has been at the heart of the company all along.


We test our products many times by different people.

We never stop improving our products and we keep producing "new" and "surprising" items for parents and children.

We always want to hear your feedback to develop and renew our products.

Rain or Shine Kids is a premium brand of weather proof children's products that strives to provide parents with the freedom and confidence to be active with their children while maintaining their personal sense of style.